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Bridging the Gaps


"Thank you so much for the donation. The mask were very much needed, the delivery company was very professional. Shout out to Bridge the Gap. Again, thank you". -Phyllis

"I have been having a really rough season in my life, I am unable to work due to health problems. I have really been struggling. Me and my daughter would like to personally thank Wes and Shauntae for the Meijer Gift Card, Cleaning Supplies and PPE! Thank you all so much"! -LaDonna

"Well organized, quick stop with covid distancing! Friendly and helpful staff! You guys are awesome! I appreciate the volunteers/workers and all you do! Thank you all"!

"Thank you. Appreciate the work you're doing to help our communities". -Janet

"Just wanted to say thank you very much. I picked up this morning and was very grateful". -Cindy

"What an awesome nutritious gift of food- your organization is wonderful!!"

"Thank you guys so much and keep up the good work. You're greatly appreciated and every bit of good you do helps in an amazing way".

"You all do a great job helping out the community". -Mark

"I wanted to thank you guys. Very nice people working there. It helped me out, God Bless". -Rick 

"I also thank you for all you do.. its helping me to be able to pay my bills and rent. And still have food..Happy holidays". -Angel

"I'm in tears. You guys are absolutely amazing and my kids will have an amazing Christmas because of your loving and giving hearts. Merry Christmas and God bless you"! -Andrea

"I just want to say THANK YOU. I've been coming for a few weeks and you guys take such good care of us. From my household to yours, THANK YOU for your volunteer service and your food in this unprecedented time". 

"First and foremost, I just want to say thank you so much for helping all of us families who are in need. What you guys did was so amazing and I really appreciated it. That being said, I wanted to make sure that I was supposed to be given 2 Meijer gift cards and not just one. It just seems like a large amount and I wanted to make sure that I didn't receive more than what I should have. Again, thank you so much for everything that you at your organization has done. It's Truly means more to me I could ever express and I am forever grateful". -Melissa

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